Colt Papy Named NHSRA Finals “All Around Champion”

coltWe remember Colt as a 3-year old.  My husband Dan, who is a 29 Time World Champion Cowboy, was so patient with him.  He was so little then and had such a short attention span.  First he’d rope a bit, then climb up on the tractor, then play with the cats and dogs.  Dan would eventually call him back over to practice roping a bit more.  I think the first time Colt ever roped off a horse, his horse bucked him off.  Dan was terrified and ran down the arena to pick him up and assure him he was OK.  And of course to make him “cowboy up” and get right back on!

We are so proud of Colt for the young man that he has become, for all his achievements in rodeo and for his most recent All Around Cowboy title at the National High School Rodeo Finals! That’s a huge accomplishment!  And we are also proud of his little horse, Snip, or Dan is what they call him now.  He was our horse before the Papys purchased him for Colt.  I hated to see him go, but he was too good of a horse to stand in the pasture.  Obviously he and Colt make a great team!